Sunday, November 14, 2010

Midnight Hearts - Moving Blogs!

Hi guys! I know I don't post here anymore but... I have a new place! I made a new blog after the Masters of Unlocking which I referenced to earlier shut down. This time, with a really close group of friends. Don't know how often THEY'LL be posting, but hopefully I'll be posting a lot more there.

I feel sad that I'm not really posting here a lot anymore though! But I can't really tell if people even read this stuff! That and I like Wordpress better. Anywho, go there if you really care to hear about whatever the hell I want to talk about. All of my posts from Masters of Unlocking are there too, so yeah. Here's the link:

You can also click on the banner. Anywho, I guess I do still get a few visitors here and there according to the visitor counter. But they rarely ever comment or whatevz, but yeah. Anywho, thank you for the continued support!

And bah, I made all these banners here just so they could ROT. Oh well, some of them are pretty so I'm going to keep this up anyway.